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Request for quote

All RFQs will receive a quick response without delay. We are ready for you for 24 hours. For helping us to provide quotation promptly and accurately, please read the following quotation procedure:

1. Main contact of all RFQs:
Any inquiry and cooperation in product design, rapid prototype, mould design, mould making or other project commitment, please e-mail us via below address:
Marketing: sales@unity-mould.com

2. Specification should include:
◆Cavity material (Cavity & Core Steel) □H13 □GS738H □Others;
◆Mould base material: □S50C/1050 □P-20 □Others;
◆ Number of cavity:
◆ Part material:
◆ Product tolerance:
◆ Cavity & core heart hardness: □Ordinary □Reinforce;
◆ Mould structure: □Hot runner mould □3-plate mould □2-plate mould □Others;
◆ Hot runner system: □DME □Husky □YUDO □Synventive □Others;
◆ Surface texture treatment:
◆ Sprue type: □Edge gate □Submarine gate □Pin-point gate 口Direct gate 口Others;
◆ Ejection system: □Ejector pin □Ejector sleeve □ Stripper □Gas ejector □Other;
◆ Cavity & core Finish:
◆ Mould Life Expectancy :
◆ Processing period :

Please send us the above mentioned mould specification with your special requirements. Also, please give us the detailed information of your company along with your RFQ: Country, City, Address, Company, Zip code, Contact person, Tel., Fax, E-mail address, Website, etc.

You can also contact us to get a blank RFQ form which contains the tooling necessary requirements for your reference.

3. Design detail or Structure draft, RFQ DATA (Part drawing & file transferring):

A. Fax or post part drawings are acceptable, we will confirm upon receiving.

B. Delivery digital CAD data(two-dimensional)available &(three- dimensional)available files to us is currently the most common way, mainly via below channels, (two-dimensional files format: .pdf, .dxf, .dwg; Three-dimensional files format: .step, .sldprt, .igs, .x-t, .stp). ZIP file can be used to compress large files. If the files are too large, please also send them in more pieces.

C. Clients can also post samples, data with CD and hard copy drawings to us for offer.

D. If there is FTP site available, customers can put the RFQ’s in their FTP site. We can download them after being informed.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

NO: 1
1: We have a mould that was made by another mould maker and it needs a serious repair. Could you do it for us? This way we could check your capability in the field before we decide to place an order for a new mould?
RE: The best solution is to have a mould repaired in the tool shop where it was manufactured. It happens very rarely, but we also can repair moulds made by others.

2. What shall I do if I want to make changes on the mould at a later date?
RE: Changing can usually be made. However, it is best that you try to foresee the changes that may occur so that appropriate adjustment for the future changing in the mould ahead of time.

3. How can I get after service from UNITY ?
RE: If there is a problem that has to be serviced under the warranty obligation, UNITY is dispatching its engineers who can make necessary corrections or repairs. If a change has to be done to the mould on customers’ request, the necessary preparations are done in UNITY factory and depending on circumstances either the necessary parts are sent to the customers and changed by themselves or UNITY can dispatch its technicians. And we will offer some damageable spare parts for free.

4. How do you make a quotation?
RE: Majority of mould costs are materials and machining costs. What follows is that the products’ structure, materials used, number of cavities, and mould size influence the price mostly. We can make a quotation on the basis of that we know all of those mentioned. For this reason, UNITY provides a detailed calculation of all the costs on quoting. We have specialists in making quotation, and they have 15 years of experience on mould design and mould making.

5. What is the life expectancy of moulds?
RE: Mould life depends on the kind of tooling steel, the precision of mould building and mould maintenance quality during production. Usually plastic injection moulds can stand without a problem 300 thousand shots and die casting moulds 80 thousand shots. The life expectancy can be lengthened or shortened by choosing appropriate steel. UNITY is always guarantying its mould life.

6. Is it possible without a visit in your company to know whether my mould is being built on schedule?
RE: On clients’ requests we are giving a detailed mould-building schedule and send weekly reports. The reports may have digital pictures that show the progress of work. Also, we warmly welcome our customers visit our company any time.

NO: 2
7. What kind of payment conditions do you accept?
RE: Usually we accept standard payment conditions - that is: 40% of deposit, 30% on mould trials and 30% before mould delivery. The conditions may be adjusted, especially the bigger contracts. The preferable forms of payment are wire transferred.
8. We make moulds in all kinds of size. What I would like to know is what kind of mould can you manufacture?
RE: We also can make kinds of size moulds, sizes up to 15 tons in weight, also for small, precision parts. Our policy is trying our best to fit the customers’ requests.

9. I do not have a drawing of my product only its general idea how it will look like. Can you help and build the mould?
RE: Yes, we have specialists who are very professional in part design. They can design product s according to your ideas.

10. Can you only design a mould for me?
RE: That’s no problems for us to design the mould for you. However, we suggest that the customers design and manufacture the tool in the same company so that you can get the best service.

11. Do you build hot runner moulds?
RE: Yes, we build hot runner moulds and are familiar with many different systems such as DME, Mold Master, Master tip, Hasco, Yudo and Husky, etc. The manifold used for your tools is selected to meet your needs.

12. How to delivery samples?
RE: We send sample by UPS, FedEx, DHL. It takes 2-4 days to reach Europe and USA.
NO: 3
13. Do you sign non-disclose agreement?
RE: Yes. We understand the sensitive nature of your design. It is our policy to comply with requests for non-disclosure agreements. If we don’t get your approval, we would not disclose any information concerning your product or company to the third party and any copy would be prohibited.

14. Which industries do you serve?
RE: We are specialized in home appliances, automotive fittings, communicating mould manufacturing. However, we also can help our customers on medical part, industrial products, consumer products, etc.

15. what kind of capabilities do you have in your facility ?
RE: Our UNITY facility enables us to offer full solutions to our customers with full services of mold making, plastic injection molding:

①Engineering & Technical: Mould Design, Mould Flow Analysis, Product Design, Project Management, Design for Manufacturing, etc.
②Mould Building: Mould size up to 15 Tons, Assembly, Fixtures, Hot-Runner Capability;
③Injection Molding: 80 Through 1000 Ton Injection Molding Presses
④Secondary Operations: CNC Machining, Sonic Welding, Heat Staking, Hot Stamping, Pad Printing, etc.
⑤Finishing: Water Based Paint, Powder Coat Paint, Spray on Shielding, Product Assembly, etc.

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